How can I find a notary in Indonesia?

How can I find a notary in Indonesia?

While we were in Bali last fall, we needed certified copies of our passports. We wondered whether this would be complicated.

Turns out, finding a notary and getting a certified copy in Indonesia is surprisingly simple.

Step 1: Find the nearest notary on Google Maps. Call them (optional).

Step 2: spend 20 minutes playing with the rude cat at the copy shop while you make your photocopies.

Step 3: show up at notary’s office, show them the originals + copies, wait 5 minutes, pay roughly $8USD. This was for one copy of each of our 2 passports. This seemed like a fancy notary’s office, I’m not sure if they would have even charged an Indonesian. But we were happy to pay, it was a bargain for us.

Step 4: Go drink a coconut. You’re done.

Yup, it was exactly as straightforward as in Canada, maybe more so.

So, in case you’re wondering how to find a notary or get a certified copy in Bali, rest assured: it’s surprisingly simple.

PS: I’m 99% sure that getting a signature certified would have been just as straightforward.

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