Welcome Aboard! / What is this about?

Welcome Aboard! / What is this about?

Good morning,

Nice to hear from you. Thanks for reaching out about…

This is how I start A LOT of my emails. It’s a bit trite, but it works for me. I feel pretty awkward about writing a blog, but I can write a decent email, so to make things easier for both of us, I’ll just pretend that you’re my friend and you asked me a question and that I’m writing you an email. Kay? And we can keep doing that until this gets less awkward for both of us 😉

Oh, did I mention that I over-use emojis? You’d better get used to it 🙂

So, what will we be “emailing” about? Well, I’m not quite sure… I just spent about a year traveling, a year before that preparing to travel, and my whole life dreaming about travel. A big part of that for me is planning and saving for travel. I feel like I had (am having) a great time, and that planning and saving for travel is something I’m pretty good at.

People will often ask me how I travel (at parties, etc), and my ideal answer would be a 90-minute tirade about the philosophy of money vs happiness…. but the person at the party isn’t necessarily into that. SO, I figure I can do all my ranting here and you can serve yourself buffet-style to the bits you like and ignore the bits you don’t like. (Just like some people and religion! I hope you don’t mind my jokes…) Deal?

Sounds great. I think we’ll get along just fine.

I look forward to hearing what you think (that’s how I end a lot of my emails),

Have a great day! (oh yeah, I do that too)


Captain Carry-On

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