Who is Captain Carry-on?

Good morning,

That’s my favorite way to start an email. Sometimes I try to send all my emails before noon so I can start them with “good morning” instead of “Hi Bob” or “Dear All”. It doesn’t usually work, though, I’m a bit of a procrastinator.

So, who am I? I’m 28-ish, I’m traveling (sort-of), I have an online business (sort-of). I’ve been doing some cool stuff and learning some cool stuff, so I started this blog to share some of that.

What is it about? Travel, having less and wanting less (in a good way), and maybe a bit about business. Some practical stuff. I’ll try to brief, maybe 500 words or less?

I look forward to seeing you around. I hope you’ll find something here

Have a great day*,

Captain Carry-on

*(that’s my favorite way to end an email)